Doing and Thinking of the Javerian Industrial Designer


Doing and Thinking of the Javerian Industrial Designer

35 years. First exhibit, 1977 – 2012.

In 2013, due to its scope, success, and global outreach, the visual brand identity project of the “Fundación Colombia Soy Yo” was selected to be part of the commemorative book for the 35th anniversary of the Industrial Design Faculty at Pontifical Javeriana University, titled “Doing and Thinking of the Javerian Industrial Designer.” This book is a compilation of the most prominent projects involving industrial designers who graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Design at Pontifical Javeriana University in Bogotá.

Graphic Designer: Armando González Sierra | Industrial Designer: Jorge Arturo Castillo Salazar

Project Description

On February 4th, 2008, Colombians voiced their protest against all the accumulated acts of violence perpetrated by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – FARC. From that moment onwards, the need arose among citizens to continue working towards the fulfillment of a social purpose for respect for life, liberty, and peace. In the eyes of the world, Colombia would become a new model in conflict resolution. Thus, it became necessary to develop a new socially-oriented brand, named “COLOMBIA SOY YO,” which aimed to become a symbol of national identity, a graphic representation of the sentiments of the citizenry, to be used in all civil activities seeking conflict resolution and rejection of violence.


  • Build the brand personality of “COLOMBIA SOY YO” based on a social issue and a national sentiment, allowing it to be recognized as a symbol with a social character, dissociating it from any political and/or partisan context.
  • Develop the graphic and creative concept for the “COLOMBIA SOY YO” brand, aiming for recognition and positioning among Colombians as a symbol of expression, participation, and unity in the face of the country’s social issues.
  • Develop the visual identity of the “COLOMBIA SOY YO” brand within the concepts of corporate design, aiming for clear identification, immediate recognition, direct communication, and distinct differentiation.

Target market

Men and women, Colombians by birth and/or conviction, without distinction of race, age, religion, or social position, residing in Colombia or anywhere in the world, who have a deep sense of belonging to the country, a strong commitment to the social issues that afflict it, and a great pride in being from this land.

The brand identity of “COLOMBIA SOY YO” is derived from the concept of participation, expression, and action of Colombians in response to social issues, breaking the chains of silence and indifference that were common in the country for a long time, to shout in one voice: NO MORE!

The brand name “COLOMBIA SOY YO” stems from the emblem used in the February 4th, 2008 march, seeking to raise awareness and engage all Colombians with the cause at hand. It was a highly impactful and memorable phrase globally, adopted as a strong and well-positioned brand element.

Visually, the identity is built on characteristics of originality, functionality, differentiation, simplicity, and impact. It features a spiraled human figure with the arm and hand in a position of participation and expression, abstractly covered in the national tricolor as a symbol of belonging and ownership of the country (referencing the flag that many Colombians use as a symbol of patriotism and connection to the country). It’s worth noting that the spiral shape indirectly forms the representation of the letter C, emphasizing the initial letter of the name Colombia. Typographically, a highly legible font is used, with the words SOY YO highlighted to emphasize values of belonging, solidarity, commitment, and love for the country, showcasing Colombians’ participation as the solution to many of the country’s issues.


Graphic design and the creation of social brands participating in the construction of a new society.

Proyecto Colombia Soy Yo